Saturday, November 28, 2009


(Neika Records)

Despite being only four songs long, The Stray's debut EP The Hotts for Cold People manages to move from out-and-out sugary pop thrills (Birthday City) to a forlorn Motels-like relationship post mortem (Pretty From the Back), which unsurprisingly, has already picked up Triple J play. Produced with a bright fervour by the near-legendary Chris Scallan (The Avalanches, Cut Copy, John Farnham, David Bridie), the songs strike a balance of being insanely catchy while not wearing out their welcome. Vocalist Misty Fox has enough style and personality to fuel several girl groups, and that she's as good a singer as she is a model is no small compliment. By day a 'Dealette' on the TV show Deal or no Deal it should give her comfort to know that yes, she can give up the day job if this release is anything to go by. First song and single Chuck on the Mic kicks off with a burning riff and essentially a lot of nonsense lyrics which sound as if someone has taken a bunch of YouTube comments about a cheerleading routine, translated them into Japanese and back again, which gives you some idea of the Go! Team/Gossip style flavour of garage pop we have here. 
It won't appeal to everyone but there is enough going on to make any label pay attention. Musically, the high point comes with the aptly titled Pop and it's infectious complex beat and Fox's dreamy seductive tones. There is so much drive to have a good time that the style over substance argument is redundnat, as viewing hter filmclips should testify. Overall this is a bold debut and given time there is every reason to thnik that success awaits. Get hold of this now and be impressed.

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