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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This is the first release for brand new Melbourne label Votary, who have charged themselves with the noble and frankly, exciting, job of re-releasing old Australian soundtracks, on both CD and vinyl. Long out of print, this soundtrack was recorded and released in 1973 to score a 10-part underwater documentary series entitled Inner Space, and, thanks to fan Noah Taylor's badgering of film director Wes Anderson, several pieces turned up in the film The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou. Now deservedly garnering closer attention, and not just for the top shelf jazz players whose unrepeatable solos and warm atmospheres lace the laser etchings within, but being the tip of the iceberg of obscure Australian music of the 60s and 70s. Those looking for obscure beats and breaks (I'm betting The Avalanches will be paying close attention) would find much here, as would anyone inclined toward sunshiny aquatic exotica and Brazilian-style jazz funk. Lovingly packaged, Inner Space should hopefully be the first cab off the rank for Votary who have done a superlative job in reflecting the authenticity of the music they're reissuing. Sven Libaek is still known in certain circles as "The Master of The Modal", and tracks like the bossa-nova of Dark World with it's tremulous vibraphone, the frankly mad Moog, wah-wah guitar and trumpet play-offs of Midget Monsters, and the sinister funk of Music For Eels highlight his penchant for minimalist mood-making, and how different modern soundtracking has become. Not just because of the wood-panelled production and inspired instrumental choice, or that for a 10-part ABC TV series you could get such a prestigious composer and give them free reign to make such fantastic music, but for the choices Libaek made in tone and instrument. Evoking the sea's moods in soundbites several minutes long is a great achievement, making it sound so of it's time is another. Perfect for aquariums. A classy release.

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