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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kicking and Screaming, both the title of the first song on Miley’s EP and the manner in which most readers would be taken to hear it, gives the first indication that Miley has discovered rock. Stepping away from her wholesome pop to a more Gwen Stefani girl-rock sound (don’t worry kids, it’s overproduced to a digital sheen so there are no rough edges to bump yourselves on), it signifies a careful return to uncontroversial take on rock and presumes that the kids are growing up with her.

Clearly several years of global superstardom haven’t prevented Cyrus from revelling in her ‘brand new’ fame as on Party In The USA and The Climb, the two singles and relative high points of what seems to be an 8-track EP retailing as an LP. Talk Is Cheap is another high-energy rocker with arena-ready pumping chorus, while the ballads (Obsessed, When I Look At You) drift by with all the auto-tune, synthesized strings and 16-bar guitar solos that a Universal marketing meeting could hope for. The CD sleeve has the songs in the wrong order and suggests the Jonas Brothers are one person, but it does fold out to a poster of Miley looking chipper so it’s doubtful fans will be too upset by these oversights.

"It’s so hard to see people that don’t genuinely love the ART of music release songs that don’t mean anything and people listen to them. My heart also aches for the people out there with so much talent and are selling out and just producing the music they are told to.”

While this promotional quote is both hilarious in that it comes from a child star raised by a one-hit wonder, it’s also a telling insight into the world of Miley where she genuinely believes she’s in control and has faith in what she sings and sells. Even when happily admitting a song like Party In The USA exists to market her new clothing line to Wal Mart (where the American release is exclusively available), and in direct contradiction to the hook of her latest single, she admits to never having heard a Jay-Z song, she describes the EP as a ‘transitional’ release before her next that ‘will be ALL me’. While this may be true, don’t expect Disney to sanction Miley exploring her Cherokee ancestry quite yet.

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